COVID-19 UPDATE: Public health orders relating to vaccination of health care workers

Message from the President

You will recall that, on 21 December 2021 and 19 January 2022, I provided you with updates on COVID-19 and, in particular, changes to the public health orders that required mandatory vaccinations for all registered dental practitioners and their practice staff.

The Council has been advised that the Public Health (COVID-Vaccination of Health Care Workers) Order 2022, which required the mandatory vaccination of health care workers, ceased at the end of 19 June 2022.  You will recall that this order required mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for dental practitioners and staff working in private/office-based settings.

For NSW Health staff, the requirement for these health care workers to have at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine continues to apply beyond 19 June 2022, under a Determination and Direction made by the Secretary, NSW Health.

Further information regarding Vaccination requirements for workers is available on the NSW Government website.

As you will all be aware, COVID-19 continues to have a presence throughout the world and we are all obligated to ensure that we have appropriate measures in place to ensure that patients, staff and ourselves are kept safe and well.

The NSW Health website continues to include the latest information on COVID-19.  In addition, the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidance on facilitating access to care in a COVID-19 environment is also an important reference guide.  This aims to assist practitioners when caring for people in a COVID-19 environment.

Clinical Associate Professor F. Shane Fryer OAM

President, Dental Council of NSW